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Text message from the Electoral Commission

Sep 16, 2019 | News

The Electoral Commission is sending text messages to people who have changed their address to ask them to update their enrolment details.

Enrolment update packs were posted to everyone on the electoral roll at the start of July to check their details were up to date for voting in the local elections. The text message is being sent to people whose packs were returned marked gone no address.

People receiving the text can use the following information to verify the message has come from the Electoral Commission.

The text messages will be sent between Monday 16 September and Thursday 19 September. The number it will be sent from is 4511 and the first message will read:

“You’re not enrolled to vote in the local elections. Reply with your name and address to get an enrolment form. Electoral Commission. Reply STOP to unsubscribe”

Those replying to the text with a valid name and address will receive this message:

“Thanks. We’ll send you a form to enrol to vote. You’ll need to ask your Council for special voting papers to vote in the local elections. Electoral Commission”

The last day to enrol to vote in the local elections is 11 October and voting closes at midday on Saturday 12 October. Anyone enrolling or updating their details before 11 October will need to contact their local council’s electoral officer to arrange a special vote.

The Electoral Commission has also been calling people on the unpublished roll whose enrolment packs were returned to remind them to update their details. Anyone on the unpublished roll will also need to contact their local council’s electoral officer to arrange a special vote.

A list of electoral officers can be found on the Local Government New Zealand website at

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