Rules for candidate donations

Candidates must report donations to their election campaign that are over $1,500. Limits apply for receiving donations anonymously or from overseas.

The threshold for reporting donations

Candidates must report the identity of donors who donate more than $1,500 in the returns they submit after each election.

Candidates must keep accurate records of donations under these amounts.

The threshold for keeping anonymous and overseas donations

Candidates may keep up to $1,500 of any anonymous donation, or any donation from an overseas person.

If an anonymous donor gives more than that, the candidate must pass the extra amount to us within 20 working days.

If an overseas person gives more than that, the candidate must return the extra amount to them or, if that isn’t possible, pass it to us within 20 working days.

(Note, from 1 January 2020, party secretaries and candidates will not be able to accept donations or contributions over $50 from an overseas person.)  

Full rules for accepting and reporting donations

Full details about accepting and reporting donations are in the Candidate handbook.

Read the Candidate Handbook

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