Kia Toipoto Pay Gap Action Plan

Kia Toipoto is an initiative driven by the Public Service Commission Te Kawa Mataaho (PSC) that outlines a comprehensive set of actions for agencies to follow to help close gender, Māori, Pacific and ethnic pay gaps. 

Kia Toipoto has three key goals:

  1. Make substantial progress toward closing gender, Māori, Pacific, and ethnic pay gaps.
  2. Accelerate progress for wāhine Māori, Pacific women, and women from ethnic communities.
  3. Create fairer workplaces for all, including disabled people and members of rainbow communities.

Additional information about Kia Toipoto is outlined here.

At the Commission, we are dedicated to achieving the three key Kia Toipoto goals by working with our people to implement and update our Kia Toipto Pay Gap Action plan to close pay gaps. We want to build on our achievements to create a fairer and inclusive workplace for all our people and ensure our workforce reflects the diverse make-up of the New Zealand population.

Download our plan, updated April 2024 below. 

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