Candidate expenses and donations for the 2020 General Election

Candidates must send us a return of their donations and expenses by 17 February 2021 (within 70 working days of election day). Even if there are no donations or expenses to declare, candidates must still file a return.

The return of electorate candidate donations and expenses form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page as either an electronically fillable or print version.

The return form includes detailed advice about how to complete the return, what to declare and how to send it to us. If using the fillable version, please also read the separate instruction sheet on how to complete the return first.

We encourage candidates that stood on behalf of registered parties to liaise with their party secretary before filing their return.

More information on candidate donations and expenses is available in the Candidate Handbook – General Election and Referendums 2020.

Candidate returns will available on our website after 17 February 2021.

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