2020 General Election & referendums Party expenses for the 2020 General Election

See a summary of how much parties spent on advertising for the 2020 General Election and download the full expense returns.

You can also view the returns at our offices:

Electoral Commission
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Parties could spend up to $1,199,000

A registered party contesting the party vote at the 2020 General Election could spend up to $1,199,000 (including GST) on election advertising, plus $28,200 (including GST) for each electorate the party contested by standing a candidate.

All registered parties must file a return, even if they didn’t have any expenses. These expense returns were due on Wednesday, 17 March 2021.

The COVID-19 Alert Level restrictions in place in Auckland impacted some parties and their ability to file their return by the deadline. Parties that notified us that they were affected for this reason were granted an extension to lodge their return by 24 March 2021.

Read the rules for party election expenses

Registered parties could get an allocation of money to spend on TV, radio and internet advertising. Parties could only broadcast their election advertisements on TV and radio between 13 September to 16 October.

See what we allocated to parties for broadcast advertising in 2020
Read the rules for spending a broadcast allocation

Registered parties must also file a separate annual return of their donations and loans by 30 April.

See party donations and loans

Summary of party expenses

This table summarises each registered party’s election and allocation expenses.

Party Election expenses limit* Total party expenses Party allocation Total party allocation expenses  
ACT New Zealand $2,806,400.00 $108,2166.64 $150,755.00 $150,740.17 PDF, 1.8MB
Advance NZ $2,721,800.00 $364,769.96 $64,609.00 $55,243.85 PDF, 1.3MB
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party $1,452,800.00 $5,981.58 $64,609.00 $64,552.49 PDF, 4.6MB
Green Party $2,891,000.00 $792,408.22 $323,046.00 $323,046.00 PDF, 1.5MB
Heartland New Zealand $1,227,200.00 $18,219.42 N/A N/A PDF, 1.5MB
Labour Party $3,229,400.00 $2,387,077.60 $1,249,111.00 $1,248,924.19 PDF, 3.3MB
Māori Party $1,396,400.00 $241,986.42 $150,755.00 $149,119.78 PDF, 1.6MB
National Party $3,032,000.00 $2,343,999.58 $1,335,255.00 $1,335,255.00 PDF, 5.9MB
New Conservative $3,229,400.00 $309,722.43 $64,609.00 $64,609.00 PDF, 1.8MB
New Zealand First Party $1,960,400.00 $621,646.90 $323,046.00 $298,788.14 PDF, 2.8MB
NZ Outdoors Party $1,932,200.00 $3,430.73 $53,840.00 $53,839.98 PDF, 6.2MB
ONE Party $2,016,800.00 $30,433.35 $53,840.00 $41,095.00 PDF, 923KB
Social Credit $1,734,800.00 $16,799.03 $53,840.00 $53,840.00 PDF, 3.6MB
Sustainable New Zealand Party $1,481,000.00 $55,465.79 $53,840.00 $53,673.06 PDF, 5.4MB
TEA Party $1,452,800.00 $142,617.99 N/A  N/A PDF, 4MB
The Opportunities Party $1,791,200.00 $76,500.21 $150,755.00 $150,755.00 PDF, 1.7MB
Vision New Zealand $1,340,000.00 $91,282.35 $53,840.00 $51,022.93 PDF, 3.3MB

*$1,199,000 + $28,200 per electorate candidate

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