Media resources

Our media resources have useful information for journalists about elections, including key dates, statistics and answers to frequently asked questions.

We create media kits for larger events, including general elections and local election enrolment update campaigns.

For the 2023 General Election

The Publisher and Broadcaster Handbook for the 2023 General Election explains what political parties, candidates, and third parties can and cannot do when campaigning, and the obligations for publishers and broadcasters, particularly around election advertising.

The Media Kit for the 2023 General Election has information for journalists covering the election including key dates, information on enrolment and voting, and statistics from previous elections.

Where possible, we make open data files available with information about the election. This includes lists of candidates, party lists, and information about voting places, including location data and opening hours.

Electorate candidates - 2023 General Election [CSV, 23KB]

Party lists - 2023 General Election [CSV, 21KB]

Voting places - 2023 General Election (JSON) [ZIP, 463KB]

For the Māori Electoral Option

This media kit has background information for journalists working on stories about the changes to the Māori Electoral Option. The Option is the choice for Māori between the general roll and the Māori roll. 

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