Key dates for third parties for the 2023 General Election


1 July

Updated expense limits for the General Election apply

Friday 14 July

Start of the regulated period

During the regulated period, your election advertisements count towards your expense limits.

Saturday 12 August

Signage rules apply

Special rules let you put up signs that are up to 3 square metres in size. You’ll still need to follow the local council’s rules about location. You can have larger signs and signs can go up earlier if the council's rules allow.

Wednesday 27 September

Overseas voting begins

 Monday 2 October

 Advance voting begins

You can’t campaign within 10 metres of an advance voting place.

 Friday 13 October

 Day before election day

End of the regulated period. You must remove all campaign signage before midnight.

Saturday 14 October

Election day

Voters can vote between 9am and 7pm. You can’t campaign on election day.

Friday 3 November

Official results

Subject to any judicial recounts, we return the writ showing elected electorate candidates and declare the elected list members of Parliament.

 Friday 1 December*

Deadline for election expenses invoices

All invoices for election expenses must be sent to you within 20 working days of the official results.

Monday 22 January 2024*

Deadline for payment of election expenses

You must pay for your election expenses within 40 working days of the official results.

 Wednesday 14 February 2024

Third party returns due

If you spent more than $100,000 on election advertising published during the regulated period.


*The deadlines for receipt and payment of invoices are 20 and 40 working days form the declaration of the official results. If there is one or more recounts the official results will be delayed by 4 to 5 days, which also impacts on these dates.

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