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Māori Party registered

Jul 10, 2004 | Media release

The Electoral Commission meeting this morning (9 July 2004) resolved to register Māori Party as a political party, allowing the party to contest the party vote at a general election.

Requirements for registration include providing evidence of having at least 500 current financial members and a statement of intent to contest a general election with a party list, or in at least one electorate, or both.

The Māori Party registration application was received on 9 June 2004.  No comment was received from the public in response to public notices advising of the application.

Commission staff will begin processing a Māori Party logo registration application after 24 July 2004, which is the last date for the return of the writ for tomorrow's Te Tai Hauauru by-election.  The Electoral Act prevents the processing of a logo registration application while a by-election is underway.

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