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Electoral Commission welcomes review

Dec 5, 2023 | News

The Electoral Commission welcomes the independent review announced today into its quality assurance processes for delivering official election results.

The Auditor-General will carry out a review into aspects of the quality assurance processes in place for the vote count in the 2023 General Election. More information is available on their website.  

The Board of the Electoral Commission says it’s critical the public have trust and confidence in the results of New Zealand’s parliamentary elections.

The Board fully supports the review announced today, which will provide an independent assessment of the quality checks the Commission has in place.


On 9 November, the Electoral Commission issued amended official results for the 2023 General Election following the discovery and correction of data entry errors.

At the time, the Electoral Commission Board said it would commission an independent review of the quality assurance processes in place.

The Board has been in discussion with the Auditor-General’s office and requested that they undertake the review.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission’s own internal review of all aspects of the 2023 General Election is underway, and a report will be made to Parliament in 2024.


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