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Voting continues for the Port Waikato electorate

Oct 9, 2023 | Media release

The Electoral Commission extends its condolences to the family of Neil Christensen, the ACT Party candidate for Port Waikato who has passed away.

“Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time,” says Karl Le Quesne, Chief Electoral Officer.

“It is an unusual situation for a candidate to pass away before election day, and the Electoral Act sets out what happens next.”

The 2023 General Election continues, with election day this Saturday 14 October.  The preliminary results will be released that night, and the official results will be released on Friday 3 November.

“For voters in the Port Waikato general electorate – if you haven’t voted yet, please go and vote. If you have already voted, you don’t need to do anything more,” says Karl Le Quesne.

“Your party vote will be counted and contribute to the overall results of the General Election.

“Your vote is important. You will have an opportunity to vote for a member of Parliament for the Port Waikato electorate when a by-election is held.”

The Electoral Act sets out what happens when an electorate candidate passes away before election day.   

“Party votes in the Port Waikato electorate will be counted in the General Election results. Port Waikato electorate votes will not be counted, and a by-election will be held after the election to elect a member of Parliament,” says Karl Le Quesne.

When the preliminary results are announced on election night, and the official results are released on 3 November, they will be based on a 120-seat Parliament with 71 electorate MPs and 49 list MPs (unless there is an overhang). When the by-election is held in Port Waikato and an electorate MP is elected, it will increase the size of Parliament to 121 seats.

A date for a by-election will be set by the Prime Minister.


This statement has been authorised by John Fleet, Port Waikato Returning Officer.

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