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When and where to vote in the 2005 general election

Aug 17, 2005

Advance voting for people unable to get to a polling place on election day opens on Wednesday 31 August.

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Wednesday cut off date for enrolling to vote

Aug 14, 2005

Wednesday is the cut off date to enrol and make it on to the printed electoral roll used on Election Day, 17 September.


ACT Party advertising - section 221 of the Electoral Act 1993

Aug 12, 2005

Statement by Chief Electoral Officer: I have reviewed advertising being conducted by the ACT Party after a complaint by the National Party that the advertising breaches the Electoral Act 1993.

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Tens of thousands take steps to enrol following election date announcement

Aug 10, 2005

The Electoral Enrolment Centre has received over 51,000 applications from people wanting to enrol or update their details in the wake of the Prime Ministerial announcement of the election date.

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New tool to make voting at the 2005 general election easier for Deaf and hearing impaired

Aug 9, 2005

The Chief Electoral Office has made voting easier for the Deaf and hearing impaired, with the production of a sign language DVD about voting.

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16,000 people needed to work on election day - 17 September

Jul 27, 2005

The Chief Electoral Office is seeking 16,000 people to work on Election Day, 17 September, as part of its preparations for the 2005 General Election.

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Election day countdown to getting enrolled

Jul 26, 2005

The equivalent of all the residents of five New Zealand provincial cities still are not enrolled to vote at this year's 17 September election, the Electoral Enrolment Centre revealed today.

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General election preparations in full swing

Jul 25, 2005

The Chief Electoral Office's preparations for a general election on Saturday 17 September are well under way.


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